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  • 14|12

    Ode to Neil Young.

    Who did not sing along with Rockin’ In The Free World of Neil Young on the festival grounds of his or her youth?
    It’s hard to believe that this song is almost thirty years old, and it is even more difficult to imagine that Neil Young was already an old hand, who had already said goodbye to Buffalo Springfield, the group that brought him the first fame.

    For fifty years, Neil Young is still a respected name between the young violence. Whether with his brothers in arms Crosby, Stills and Nash, with Crazy Horse or as a solo artist, Neil Young is always relevant.

    Down by the river, Heart of gold, The Loner, these are sculpted songs that form the soundtrack of our existence. Songs that get a second life in the inspiring hands of Guy Swinnen, Douglas Firs, Patrick Riguelle, Piet De Pessemier, Bjorn Eriksson, Axl Peleman, Jan Hautekiet and Ron Reuman.

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30th anniversary