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  • 08|02

    Matt Schofield and Blues Beatles

    Matt Schofield UK/USA

    Something to be happy about: the brand new addition to the Blues Peer line-up, Matt Schofield. This British guitar virtuoso and ‘Blues Hall-of-Famer’ is one of the most innovative guitarists since decades. He is in the top 10 best British Blues guitarists of all time in Guitar & Bass Magazine, alongside legends Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

    With successful performances at major festivals in the United States and around the world, guitar wonder Schofield bring us pure British blues. His guitar work and passionate live performances have made him one of the most wanted modern blues guitarists.

    Man, it will be a beautiful summer.

    Blues Beatles BR

    Blues Beatles play The Beatles music, but with their own bluesy twist. These Brazilians have something very special: a unique look at something very familiar. The Beatles’ songs will lead a new life in the hands of this talented band. The Blues Beatles show that you can make a known standard brand new through a new interpretation. The unique voice of Marcos Viana gives a surprising twist to the vocals of The Beatles.

    Nice solos and improvisation, the typical blues elements, form an integral part of the Blues Beatles style. This is going to be such a sunny party that you later think back with a big smile. Blues Beatles are like a 100-euro note in your jacket pocket just when you thought you were completely broke.

30th anniversary