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  • 05|03

    Black Box Revelation and Spring sale

    Hands on the button. Quiz question. Which band played the supporting act of Iggy Pop, saw his music pop up in the TV series True Blood and had a guest appearance in David Letterman’s Late Show? Black Box Revelation B , you say. Right!

    Dries van Dijck and Jan Paternoster tear into Blues Peer this summer in their filthy Mustang Fastback – of course without exhaust. Black Box Revelation is unpolished and raw, the songs catchy as hell, straight from the gut of guitar land. The band does its own thing and brings rugged blues rock with more than one face, including explosive drums and grim guitars. On their latest album ‘Tattooed Smiles’, John Lee Hooker guitars and a duet with Seasick Steve.

    Ready for a supernatural revelation?

    By now the Early Bird sale has come to an end. No worries because Spring-sale has started right away. All tickets are here available at spring-prices!

30th anniversary